yesplus is all about living your enlightened side

yesplus, geared specifically for college-aged young adults, allows you to experience the vast, untapped potential inside yourself.  During the yesplus course, this potential is set free and you gain a greater vision of who you are and what you want from your life.  You find you have the power to create a life that is on-purpose, as well as the confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and lead a deeply joyful and fulfilling existence—and to find the leader inside of you.

Discover the Power of the Present Moment                                   
In today’s demanding, distracting world the mind is stuck in regretting the past or worrying about the future. But happiness is here and now. During the yesplus course you will discover your unlimited power and freedom - not as a concept, but as a direct experience – and you will begin to live in the present moment.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Sudarshan Kriya®
As yesplus course participant you will learn to master practical and powerful tools that, once learned, you can use to enjoy great benefits for the rest of your life.  The centerpiece of the yesplus course is Sudarshan Kriya®, a powerful technique that uses specific, natural rhythms of the breath to get the mind unstuck and to invigorate the entire physiology.  Sudarshan Kriya® is time tested and based on ancient Vedic knowledge.

yesplus: Unleash the leader inside of you, live your unbounded potential, contribute your greatness to the planet, discover your true self.

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  • Benefits
  • Technique
  • Testimonials
    • Strengthen leadership skills
    • Enhance memory and concentration
    • Eliminate doubt and worry
    • Decrease stress and anxiety
    • Restful sleep and stronger immune system
    • Be happy, vibrant and joyful
    • Improve relationships
  • The yesplus workshop is a combination of meditation, knowledge and action.

    • Sudarshan Kriya and other breath modalities to heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit
    • Practical skills for improving focus and productivity and giving you the courage to “go for it” and create the life of you dreams
    • Profound wisdom for managing negative emotions and challenging situations as well as for strengthening relationships and recovering more quickly from emotional trauma and disappointments
  • "I honestly feel I can live my life more fully as a result of taking Yesplus. Learning Sudarshan Kriya has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have practiced Kriya everyday since I completed Yesplus my freshman year of college, and my life has been enhanced in many ways: I no longer get sick as a result of stress, I have more energy and clear-mindedness, and I can grapple with negative emotions far more effectively than my pre-kriya days. The improvements to my physical and mental health are so tangible that I almost think I have stumbled across a panacea."
    -- Johnny, Harvard University

    "The practices taught on Yesplus, especially the Sudarshan Kriya, pulled together all the different threads of my life--creativity, introspection, deep thought, and joy. I feel centered and powerful, knowing that I have the energy and drive to put my aspirations into action. I no longer worry about the small things, deadlines and papers, and I have been able to dance easily and gracefully through the responsibilities of my life at Harvard. Life has become effortless and the world has become beautiful. I credit Yesplus for all the successes and joys of my past two years, and the greatest blessing has been sharing this course with all my friends here and seeing their perspective on life flip in a matter of days."
    -- Natasha, Harvard University

    "The Yesplus Course made me very conscious of my thought patterns, and conscious of a sense of self that exists independent of those thoughts and different moods. It made me calmer, more reflective, more observant, and more stable--I enjoyed the course a great deal, and have found that a daily practice is something I'm relying on. (And this reading / finals period has been largely stress free, mainly because meditating removes most of that stress!)"
    -- Sarah, Harvard University

    "This course has been a wonderful experience for me. Before I began it I was really suffering and was filled with regret about my past. I was unable to focus on my studies and thought I had lost my voice for good. But I felt really welcomed here and supported to get past all of that. I was even more upset during the first two days of the course but have really felt it dissipate over the days that remained. I know the exercises will help me continue to stay balanced and I really feel blessed to have a friend who led me here. I want to bring others here so they can be free from the pain of their past. I never thought I would ever learn to meditate but I am a believer now."
    -- Darius, Sophomore, Cornell University

    "Alertness, creativity and efficient teamwork, I realize, are the cornerstones in contributing and getting the most from a demanding schedule at a business school. I observe that while students struggle to maintain their energy throughout the day, the Yesplus Course practices helps me to be in "the zone". They tremendously assist me to keep my smile throughout the day, deliver successfully and involve myself ingeniously... all without feeling a sense of stressful effort. What else can one ask for!"
    -- Chetan, Management Fellow at Sloan School of Management, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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